About me

Mag. Schöberl Gudrun Iris

Dog Behaviour Consultant
Behavioural Biologist - Focus human-hog-relationships
Dipl. Life-consultant, animal assisted competence-trainerin
President of the Association of Austrian Dog Behaviour Consultans and Trainer

Board member of the commission to test animal welfare qualified dog trainers
Officially permited to test human-dog dyads



I am a behavioural Biologist and self employed dog behaviour consultant and dog behaviour trainer. Additionally I conducted an education in life consulting, because the owner plays a major role while working with owner-dog dyads. Furthermore the link between theorie and practice is an important part of my work. I target to transfer knowledge from science to a public audience, like dog owners and dog trainers, via single lections, workshops and seminars. I am also constantly in education and visit scientific conferences as well as practical trainings.