I teach how dog behaviour can be interpreted and how one can use verbal and nonverbal communication to work with one’s own dog gently and positively. I provide thorough instructions and examples, which the owner can then, with patience, play, and fun, utilize to teach his/her dog by him/herself. My consultation does not focus on simply training. However, the owner will be offered extensive feedback about the dog’s behaviour and training possibilities will be demonstrated and explained. The owner will learn to work with his/her dog independently and how to respond in crisis situations. The goal is to guide the dog in a state of mutual trust, self-confidently and above all positively! One first step toward self-confident and trusting interaction with our dogs is to act rather than merely react. The owner’s starting to guide his/her dog through positive action facilitates the dog’s relinquishing responsibility and confidently orientating toward the owner.

Furthermore, I hold that a good training process entails mutual communication and joint learning how to deal with each other rather than “subordination”. I generally aim at a systamic and holistic approach, where the private as well as the professional environment and also the health behind will be included.