In the course of my studies, I have taken part in a variety of projects as trainee, student, assistant, and staff and made field trips to China and Ecuador. I hope you enjoy browsing through my project and travel descriptions and pictures!


Wolf Science Center

The Wolf Science Center was founded in Gruenau-im-Almtal with four 10 day-old wolves from Herberstein in May 2008. The wolves were hand-raised by bottle and a lot of body contact. The hand-raisers cared for the wolves 24 hours a day, including sleeping together with them on the floor. 


Dingos in Australia

In summer 2006, I worked as a trainee in two different projects on dingoes in Australia. I learned and experienced a lot about the co-existence of humans and dingoes. 



Tuscany Dog Project

Behavioural observations of 3 wild domestic dog groups in Tuscany/Italy
I worked as volunteer on the Tuscany Dog Project from Günther Bloch in summer 2005. The project ran from 2005-2007 under the scientific supervision of Prof. Udo Ganslosser. The study area was located in Tuscany close to Pisa.



Study about Human-Dog-Relationship

Included among the foci of the Human-Animal Relationships Research Group at the University of Vienna is the human-dog relationship. This project, which is led by Prof. Kurt Kotrschal and is the doctoral thesis project of Mag. Manuela Wedl, is investigating questions concerning stress management, attachment, relationship, personality, and interaction style in human-dog dyads.