General Terms and Conditions of "Dog and You" / Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl


The following is agreed between Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl and the signing Dog Owner:
1. The Dog Owner hereby declares to indemnify and to hold Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl harmless regarding any damages towards third parties. By signing the application the Dog Owner agrees that Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl is not liable for any damages caused by the dog or his owner during or after the consultations/lessons. Participation in consultations/lessons, workshops, lectures and seminars is at owner’s risk.
2. The minimum age of persons who work with the dog during consultations/lessons, workshops and seminars is 15 years. Minor persons aged 15 years or older may only participate with the explicit accordance of their parents. Children under 15 years of age may participate only when accompanied by their parents. Participation of or or care for minors must never be subject of a consultation/lesson.
3. The subject-matter of courses and the consultations is, based on years of activities at the university and science, systemic consultation in dogs-behaviour, human-dog-team and relationship coaching, systemic behaviour therapy. Courses will be grouped by age, size, sex and personality of the dogs to faciliate efficient learning for all participants.
4. Success cannot be guaranteed, because the success depends primarly on the Dog Owners themselves. The number of consultations/lessons needed to reach a defined goal cannot be predetermined at the beginning of the consultations/lessons. An estimate is no guarantee for success within a specific time.
5. Dogs participating in workshops, lectures and seminars must be free of contagious illnesses and have to be vaccinated, and free of vermin. Dogs in heat may not participate in workshops, lectures and seminars. Confirmation that a dog is healthy (veterinary confirmation, vaccination card) must be provided on request. The Dog Owner may attend events without his/her dog.
6. For each participating dog, the owner must hold valid Austrian casualty insurance, if requested, proof of such insurance must be provided.
7. If Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl suspects physical or mental illness in a dog this must be clarified with a veterinary who is in contact with Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl. If requested, confirmation that the dog is healthy (written veterinary confirmation) must be presented.
8. Consultations/lessons are available as
A. Single lessons
B. Blocks to 5 or 10 individual lessons
C. Workshops
Fees are due after acceptance of an application and must be fully paid before the beginning of the first lesson.
9. Single and block lessons must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the agreed lesson so that Mag. Gurdrun Iris Schöberl has the possibility to offer the time-slot to another applicant. Cancellation can only be done through phone calls. Messages by email, short-message service or mail are not accepted. When a lesson is cancelled between 48 and 24 hours before the agreed start of the lesson, half of the fee will be charged. If a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before the agreed start of the lesson, the whole fee will be charged.
10. Fees for workshops must be available on the designated bank account at least three days before the start of the workshop. One's place in a course or event can only be guaranteed if fees have been paid. If attandance at a workshop, seminar or course is cancelled up to three days before the workshop 50% of the fee will be charged. Cancellation of attandance within the last three days before the workshop, seminar or course or failling to appear will result in the whole fee being charged. These chargescan can be avoided if the cancelling participant refers an adequate substitute after consultation with Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl. There will be no refund of paid fees for participants who miss units of workshops, seminars or courses.
11. Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl reserves the right to relocate or timely rearrange consultations/lessons, workshops and seminars. Alternatives will be announced in time. Further Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl reserves the right to terminate consultations/lessons at her sole discretion and to exclude human-dog-teams from workshops. In such cases fees will be refunded pro rata.
12. The Dog Owner agrees to the electronic recording and processing of the registration information and agrees to receive informative material from Mag. Gudrun Iris Schöberl.
13. If individual clauses of the terms and conditions are legally ineffective the rest of the terms and conditions shall not be affected thereby.